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We believe that people with disabilities have irreplaceable value and place in our society. We therefore create such conditions that enable them, as much as possible, live a standard life. You can help us with this vision.


Become a member of the "Friends of Diakonie Praha" club.


Your regular donation allows us to provide help where it is really needed - in families with a child with handicap; service to young adults who, due to their severe disability, need non-stop support; service to graduates of special schools, who are not able to compete in labour market.

Currently we accompany 250 families in various regions. We can do a lot more with your help.

 If you become a member...

You will join a community of people that create a lovely place for our clients. You will recieve a regular newsletter with many news from Diakonie Praha, as well as details on how your money has specifically helped the needed.

Thank you!

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